We offer Scholarships

We have a number of programs for students planning to study at Cosmos College of Management & Technology

There are three categories of scholarships available in Cosmos College.

1. Full Scholarship: As per Pokhara University’s norms and standards. 2. Limited Scholarships based on: • Merit • Female/Dalit/Under privileged areas. 3. Semester wise performance based scholarships.*

Pokhara University

Faculty Scholarship

*(If the students in concern obtain the same SGPA, the scholarship amount is shared.) If a student is eligible for two or more kinds of scholarships in a semester, the student will received the one with a higher value as far as that semester is concerned.

For further information and to apply for consideration, prospective Cosmos students should contact:

  • Pokhara University
  • School Of Engineering
  • Lekhnath Pokhara
  • Cosmos College, Nepal
  • e-mail: