Bachelor of Business Administration

Head Of Department Message

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular courses in the management field worldwide. From getting inside the minds of consumers to the form of communication like advertisement, each dimension captivates the imagination of passionate students. Not only this, students can learn about different domains of business and economy, venture marketing, human resource management and financial management in depth, which certainly can help them be successful professionals in the national and international job markets or start a venture on their own. Moreover, it can be the solid ladder to further academic pathways within Nepal and abroad.  
BBA at COSMOS that spans over four years of eight semesters will equip the students with a sound understanding of business landscape and a range of transferable skills. Just like our excellent engineering courses putting ourselves at one of the top colleges of Nepal, we are here to serve BBA program with more practical orientation which focuses on establishing a connection between theoretical concepts and ever-changing business world, and imparting workplace relevant skills, in particular. At COSMOS, we will make sure that the students get complete advantage of this professional course.  
BBA is just not about getting admission, attending classes, appearing in exams, and getting the degree with suitable marks but it should also shape professional attitude and reinforce the knowledge applications which we ensure through our extensive seminars, workshops, team works, research projects, internship, alumni meets, career counseling, and many extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, we aim to provide our students with ample opportunities of networking with the designated personalities of various industries through guest lecturing, seminars, workshops, educational trips, and other events. Thanks to the relative flexibility of BBA course offered by Pokhara University, and given the rich network of stakeholders of our college management, we are poised to implement our vision. Yes, we cherish this time of enrollment when we get to welcome a new batch of vibrant students who will bring with them newer ideas, sustainable plans and ground breaking projects, and by all means we will nurture them as much as they deserve. Let’s make this common journey of providing quality education more exciting with your presence at COSMOS. A renewed spirit to help you realize your full potential!
Kushum Kshetri,
Head of Department, BBA


Bachelor of Business Administration

Course Code

Course Decription

ENG 101

English I

MTH 101

Business Mathematics I

ACC 121

Financial Accounting I

MGT 111

Principals of Management

MIS 101

Computer and IT Applications



ENG 102

English II

MTH 102

Business Mathematics II

ACC 122

Financial Accounting II

PSY 101

General Psychology

ECO 101

Introductory Microeconomics



ENG 201

Business Communication I

STT 101

Business Statistics

FIN 131

Essentials of Finance

SOC 101

Fundamentals of Sociology

ECO 201

Introductory Macroeconomics



ENG 202

Business Communication II

STT 201

Data Analysis and Modeling

MGT 211

Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour

MKT 241

Principles of Marketing

FIN 231

Financial Management



ACC 221

Basics of Managerial Accounting


Business Research Methods

MGT 314

Management of Human Resources

MGT 311

Fundamentals of Operations Management


Concentration I



MIS 201

Introduction to Management Information Systems

LAW 291

Legal Aspects of Business and Technology

MGT 212

Business and Society

PRJ 491

Project Work


Concentration II



MGT 411

Business Environment in Nepal

MGT 312

Fundamentals of Enterprenureship

INT 391



Electice I


Concentration III



MGT 412

Stratecic Management

MGT 313

Introduction to International Business

MIS 301

Essentials of e-Business


Elective II


Concentration IV