Bachelor Of Engineering in Architecture

Head Of Department Message

The Bachelor of Architecture is a Five-year professional degree, which is an interdisciplinary subject that provides technical knowledge but also involves field of Art, Science, and Management as well. Architecture responds to the social, environmental, cultural and religious context of a society. The department is focused on both theoretical and practical approach in providing education. The faculty of hardworking teachers is always keen on aspiring students to work better and guide them constantly. The enthusiast Architecture faculty and visiting professors from different universities and colleges emphasizes on the course content and beyond with number of interactive presentations and workshops. The learning environment is good and facilities such as of design studio, labs, library and sports are available. At Cosmos, we not only provide an academic qualification but it will sharpen your visual and communicative skills, analytical thinking, leadership skills, patience and ideas to express your thoughts creatively. So the students use their knowledge and insight to respond and improve the built environment, while always contributing the society, country and abroad. The department is committed in overall development of the students and producing quality Architects with good professional attributes and moral values.

Sony Pandey

B. Arch., M.Sc. Urban Planning

Assistant Professor

Head of Department

Bachelor Of Engineering in Architecture

Semester I


Building Materials

Basic Drafting

Architectural Graphics I

Introduction to Architecture

 Basic Design I


Semester VI

Structure II

Building Science II

Building Construction III

Landscape Architecture

History of Modern Architecture

Architectural Design IV

Semester II

Communication Techniques for Architecture

Statics and Dynamics

Architectural Graphics

Architectural Independent Studies

 Basic Design II

Building Construction I



Semester VII

Structure III

Working Drawings & Detailing

Settlement Planning

Architectural Elective II

Architectural Design V

Semester III

Structural Forms


Building Science I

Visual Arts

History of Western Architecture

Architectural Design I


Semester VIII

Practical Office Experience

Semester IV

Statics and Dynamics

Computer Aided Design I (CAD)

Building Services I

Building Construction I

History of Eastern Architecture

Architectural  Design II


Semester IX

Structural IV

Architectural Elective III

Estimating & Valuation

Directed Studies & Seminar

Building Services II

Architectural Design VI

Semester V

Structure I

Computer Aided Design II (CAD)

Building Construction II

Architectural Elective I

History of Nepalese Architecture

Architectural Design III

Semester X

Management & Economics

Architects & Society

Architectural Design VII