Bachelor of Information Technology

Head Of Department Message

Information and Communication Technology has become an integral part of modern life. Life cannot be imagined without internet, smart phones and computers. We work, play, socialize, share information with the help of IT,

IT has been changing the dynamics of life. As a student of the oldest and richest department in terms of faculties and facilities, we offer students two diverse degrees in “Bachelor of Engineering in IT” and “Bachelor of Computer Engineering”, prior on focusing mostly on application area and later on focusing on development area. Understanding the profound theoretical base and developing the practical skills to get ready for the future is how we mould our students. Our programs provide the students with a wide spectrum of courses and trainings to create expertise in them. Learning by doing, Laboratory based classes, Projects, and opportunities for internships or even placements provide a solid opportunity for paving the golden path for academics as well as professional career. Past data shows that our graduates have been easily absorbed by the industry both nationally and globally. Our students have also been able to secure brilliant academic path in foreign universities. As IT and Computer Engineering has been constantly evolving from very recent past, the future in this field has very high prospects. The department being operated from 2001 A.D. has been delivering the best to our students. We heartily welcome the prospective students for a better professional development at this center of excellence.

Bibek Ropakheti

Associate Professor,

Head of Department of Information and Communication Technology Engineering

Bachelor of Information Technology

Semester I

Engineering Mathematics I


Communication Techniques

Problem Solving Techniques

Basic Electrical Engineering

Programming in C

Semester V

Applied Operating System

Numerical Methods

Computer Organization & Architecture Organization and Management

Signal System and Processing

Principles of Communication


Semester II

Engineering Mathematics II

Network Theory

Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science

Electronics Devices

Engineering Drawing

Object Oriented Programming in C + +

Semester VI

Computers Graphics

Computer Network

Intelligent Systems

Information Systems

Object Oriented Design & Modeling through UML

Project II

Semester III

Engineering Mathematics III

Logic Circuits

Data Structure And Algorithms

Probability and Queuing Theory

Web Technology

Electronic Circuits and Instrumentation

Semester VII

Multimedia Systems

ICT Project Management

Business Process and IT Strategy

Network Programming


Elective I

Semester IV

Engineering Mathematics IV

Microprocessor & Assembly Language Prog. Programming in JAVA

Database Management Systems

Software Engineering Systems

Project I

Semester VIII

Mobile and Wireless Communications

Engineering Economics

Social and Professional Issues in IT

Elective II

Project III (Final Project)